Licensed Medical Esthetician 


Zoe is a fully licensed medical esthetician from the USA with ten years experience. She has training and experience treating skin disorders such as acne, rosacea, pigmentation, age management and cellulite in the medical field. She also has vast training with many advanced state of the art machines such as Hydrofacials, Ultrasonic, Microdermabrasion, Photofacials,  Laser, Radio Frequency and Massage. She keeps up with her education to be able to provide the best treatments and results for all of her clients.
Zoe chose to go into esthetics because she suffered with stage 4 cystic acne for 24 years and it had started to create scaring and pigmentation. Having tried antibiotics for years which caused other medical issues, spa facials, and many types of skincare products she wanted answers. After what she personally endured she can identify with patients who suffer with skin disorders and she has a passion to help others combat the skin issues just like she did with the knowledge she gained. Zoe is in her late 40's and aging skin and hormone changes are easier to face with the knowledge and treatments she provides. She wants to help empower others to age the very best they can having healthy glowing skin.  

 Our Mission Statement

Skincare Correctives believes in a whole health approach as our skin is the largest immunity organ. Our skin can often be the first sign of other internal health concerns, so we want to make sure you have the opportunity to understand why your skin is acting the way it is and how to turn things around quickly. Wrinkles are just a small percent of what you should be concerned with regarding aging.  What makes you look older is texture, tone, pore size, inflammation, age spots and hydration.

Skincare Correctives wants to share with you how to heal the skin to uncover healthy younger acting skin regardless if you are faced with acne, rosacea, pigmentation, dehydration or aging. It is a balancing act and our goal is to educate and support your skin's transformation. We start with an indepth consultation  looking at your health, lifestyle and present skincare regiments. Our licensed esthetician with ten years of hands on experience will customize your treatment plan, put together a home skincare protocol, and educate and support you as your skin transforms. Anti-aging is incorporated into your treatment to maximize the results.

IS THIS YOU? You have found no answers from your dermatologists, can not get in to see a dermatologist, can not afford laser procedures, afraid of aggressive treatments, do not want to take antibiotics for your skin issues, tried everything over the counter or want answers from an educated specialist then we are here to SUPPORT YOU!